For me the Mediterranean Europe is a visual and sensual feast. Visit once this area and you will fall in love. Each year about 200 million people visit this region, making it top tourist destination in the world! I have always wanted to discover ancient sites and fortress, legendary old cities, awe-inspiring beaches and it`s amazing flora and fauna. Mediterranean is an easy region to travel. Sure, services might not be always be what you`re used to, and some destinations can be very expensive but it`s not difficult to find accomodation, English is widely spoken, public transport more or less works and there are many eating options to choose from. So, you will never get hungry! I`ve already made my own ultimate travel list. Perfect for any novice or knowledgeable traveler. List of countries which are very friendly to travelers, where is no matter where you came from, so you can be inspired and you can be shure to have a great vacation.


Surrounded by the Aegean Sea on the East, the Ionian Sea to the West and Mediterranean Sea on the south with a thousands of islands..Greece is breathtakingly country. Beautiful sunny landscapes, lush mountains, hospitable people, old churches, amazing beaches, ancient churches…promise you a dreamy holiday! I recommend You the Greek islands as the perfect holiday destination. Exotic and beautiful it droves of tourists every summer, making them one of the world`s top travel destionations. If you love history, you don`t want to miss out on a visit Rhodes. Santorini is famous for it`s white houses and dramatic views and it`s very own active volcano. Mykonos, cosmopolitan destination amongst the Greek islands with narrow streets and elegance restaurants. It`s not cheap, I shoud tell you! Kefalonia island, the largest of the Ionian islands and Lefkada known for it`s Caribbean-like beaches..the list will never end, so let`s go on..


Looking for the splendid beaches and a place to get a tan? And a mountain ranges to ski down? Spain`s got it at all. Spain is a must-see european destination. Alive with art, music, dynamic culture, compellin history – Spain is a true example of riches for every sense and interest. Everybode knows for Barcelona and Madrid, Spain`s best know cities and among the most popular destinations in it with outstanding aesthetic pleasures. But, I will recommend you something quite different and exotic. Salamanca, an ancient Celtic town, where history has been preserved in the sandstone. It`s historic centre has been designated a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Don`t miss Toledo. The town was once the capital of Spain until the 16th centuary. It is a magical place within the old city walls adds to its charm and beauty. Visit Andalusia, the land of culture, history, impressive monuments, exotic food and fiestas! Do you know what`s the best time to visit warm Andalusia? April, May, late September and October usually have pleasant temperatures and cooler nights. Than we go to…


Italy! Yes! One of the main reasons why people from all over the world travel to Italy are to experience it`s amazing culture, rich history, art, extraordinary cuisine and fashion. Venice, “the Floating city” and Florence, “the city of love”? For me is too commercial. Let`s discover something less known but also beautiful. Visit Tuscany, some will say: the most beautiful part of Italy. Enjoy it`s breathtaking panoramas, excellent wine and delicious food. Siena strikes your heart from the first time you visit it, making you fall in love. Siena doesn`t offer a attraction of big city but you will enjoy a slow stroll through the narrow streets , visiting museums, churches, palaces..


Famous for it`s cheeses and wines, this country is the most popular tourist destinaton in the world receiving more than 81 milion tourists annual. From the limestone chills in Provance to the amazing coasts of Brittany to the gigantic Pyrenees to the greeny and fresh meadows of Loire valley to the magnificent peaks of Alps. Forget Paris, Nica? No, but…you will need more than one life to visit all that awesome places. But France is still a country with plenty of places that really are off the tourist trail! South of France, a holiday destination that opens onto a mosaics of colours and an diverse range of lanscapes and traditions. Discover Camargue – marshy fields of black bulls, white horses and pink flamingos – it is like it`s own little country. And finally, here you can find two of France`s most remote beaches: plage the Piemanson and the plage the Beaduc, situated close to the vivid little town of Salin de Giraud, in the south-eastern corner of Camargue.

Whether you enjoy visiting sun-kissed beaches, historical locations or colourful cities, the Mediterranean is a universe of joy and entertainment. The bewitching beauty captivates the senses. There is no comparision to any other part of the world.