Growing up the surf scenes on the popular Australian series Neighbors made me green with envy. It was almost impossible to understand why l only had one thing to do in the water, which was swimming, while other guys had fun doing more exciting things in the water. Luckily, my fate changed when l embarked on a self-discovery journey, and to my amazement realized that there are more surfing destinations than l had imagined.

Australia and Hawaii add to the many places that will leave you in awe to not only surf, but also have new adventures.

What makes surfing possible?
Just in case you have been wondering, it’s pretty simple. All you need is your wet suit, a surfing board which you can readily find in places where surfing is a lifestyle, don’t worry though, I will let you in on where. Lastly, you must be in a position to swim back to the shore if need be.

However, that is not all, below are conditions that make this sport possible:
· The sea floor
· The wind
· The tides
· The wave direction
The above all play an important role, as their regular good interaction throughout the year is what creates the quality of waves to surf on. How so you ask? Allow me to explain.

You see, the wind is the most determinant factor as its power, duration, direction as well as consistency on colliding with the water surface is what produces the necessary waves. When approaching the shore waves lose their energy due to the varying floors of the sea. Additionally, a high or low tide can contribute positively or negatively in the creation of a wave.

When you think you’ve found the perfect weather for proper waves it’s always good to check out any news reports of the local authorities to see if it’s safe to surf.

Places worth considering
Time to your pack your suitcases and get on that plane. The following are some of the best surf spots around the world:
· Puerto Escondido in Mexico. Where the surf season begins in March and ends in December and is considered one of the best in Latin America. However it is no place for learners.
· Siargao in the Philippines Which is famous for the green room experience where surfers are wrapped in the waves.
· Bundoran, Ireland. Which is a great place for learning the basics while following some lessons. The surf and stay packages are as inviting as the breathtaking views of stone castles.
· Pratigi in Brazil. This area is for the skilled surfers. It is a perfect spot to exercise your ability as you go on hiking excursions and sight see the beautiful waterfalls around.
· Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa. Which hosts the annual Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing competition. Need l say more?
· Phuket, Thailand. It’s always great to be here as you can surf almost all year round and get to enjoy delicious food, drinks and affordable accommodation.
· Gold Coast, Australia. Which has one of the longest waves that you can ride.
· Waikiki, Hawaii. Being the cradle of surfing, it is home to any surfer as it offers a trip down memory lane to where the sport began.

The list l must say is endless, but the ones mentioned above are all worth visiting.

The benefits of surfing
First and foremost, anyone, regardless of their age can surf. As long as they are able to stand on a board, maintain their balance and ride a wave. It is recommended though to hire an instructor to teach you the basics if it’s your first time.

It is a sport, and like any other sport it both has health benefits to the participants and is a fun way to spend your time.

Going on a surfing trip also provides an excellent opportunity to indulge yourself in other activities in the surrounding areas, such as:
– Checking out the landscapes and scenery
– Checking out the sandy beach
– Discovering nearby Islands
– Visiting bird sanctuaries
– Checking out historical landmarks
– Going scuba Diving
– Going Kayaking
– Going fishing

As you can see you can combine it with many things even if you go to a single destination.

Final thoughts
Whether you were born surfing or you have never done so before, the opportunities are endless. If you are a pro and the shoreline is in your backyard, then maybe it’s time to try out a new place. On the other hand if you don’t know the first thing about surfing, do not worry, excellent instructors especially at the beaches are there to hold your hand. Just focus on having a good time and the rest comes naturally.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to travel the world and catch some waves; meet new people, experience new cultures, engage your taste buds with indigenous foods which is always the best part. And have lots of fun. Cheers!