Day: September 10, 2019

Red Sox fire Dave Dombrowski

Jeff Passan reports that the Red Sox have fired president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski. Assistant GMs Eddie Romero, Brian O’Halloran, and Zack Scott will handle Dombrowski’s responsibilities through the end of the season before addressing the role in the offseason. The Red Sox suffered a 10-5 loss to the Yankees on Sunday Night Baseball, […]

From hamman to rose water, these are the best beauty secrets we can steal from the past

Forget modern day innovations like CBD oil and Botox, sometimes turning to the past provides the best beauty secrets. Indeed, beauty secrets have been passed down through the generations in South Asian countries like Pakistan and India, as well as in the Middle East, for centuries. Whilst the past has served us some rather quirky […]

Time for shock and awe: Five questions for the ECB

This week’s European Central Bank meeting is shaping up as one of the most anticipated in years as the central bank gears up to boost a frail economy with a series of stimulus measures. A global trade war threatens to push the powerhouse German economy into recession and headwinds from Brexit are becoming stronger. No […]

DNS-over-HTTPS is the next default protection coming to Firefox

Mozilla has been testing and experimenting with DNS-over-HTTPS for some time, working with CDNs such as Cloudflare and Akamai. Having gained confidence in the performance and security benefits of encrypted DNS traffic, Mozilla seems ready to enable the feature by default. In Mozilla’s continued cadence of adding privacy protections, Mozilla will soon be adding DNS-over-HTTPS […]

New York governor urges halt to all vaping amid lung disease outbreak

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked the state’s Department of Health to issue guidance that will urge people to stop vaping amid concerns over a lung disease linked to electronic cigarettes that’s left hundreds ill around the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday the number of vaping-related illnesses jumped to at […]