Day: September 10, 2019

Dwyane Wade is retired, happy being a dad, but about a comeback ‘never say never’

Dwyane Wade has done the farewell tour. He walked away from the NBA at age 37 with a Hall of Fame resume, moved to Los Angeles with his wife (actress Gabrielle Union), he’s making television appearances, and his son Zaire is playing high school ball with LeBron James‘ son at a Los Angeles area prep […]

Slimmers who set calorie limits for each meal are more likely to eat less, new study finds

Slimmers who set themselves a calorie limit for each meal rather than per day are more likely to eat less, researchers have found. A study at Warwick Business School asked dieters to set a ‘budget’ for their calorie intake. The results, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, showed that dieters who set a budget […]

Samurai, Ninja loans boom as Japan banks hunt for yield

Japanese regional banks are increasingly lending to foreign companies and other borrowers via samurai and ninja loans as they struggle with interest rates stuck at zero and seek to diversify their customer base. Foreign companies who have long capitalized on the low cost of borrowing yen in the carry trade have also stepped up issuance […]

Apple accuses Google’s Project Zero of creating unfounded fears around recently disclosed iPhone vulnerability

The two tech giants had a public back and forth this week about an embarrassing and now patched iOS vulnerability discovered by Google researchers. Apple takes issue with the way it was disclosed, and sought to “clarify” things in typical Cupertino fashion. Google stands firmly on its research, but Apple argues it was used to […]

Hong Kong August visitors plunge 40% year-on-year, hotels half-full: finance chief

Hong Kong visitor arrivals plunged nearly 40% in August from a year earlier, deepening from July’s 5% fall, the finance secretary said as sometimes violent anti-government protests take a rising toll on the city’s tourism, retail and hotel businesses. Hotels in some locations had seen occupancy rates drop to about half, while room rates plunged […]